BSRG Meetings and Workshops

BSRG Meetings and Workshops
BSRG aims to hold at least two thematic meetings a year, plus at least one field workshop and one or more additional workshops, core workshops and/or short courses appended to the AGM. Please consider convening a meeting in your branch of sedimentology - especially if you feel that it is traditionally under-represented in BSRG. Assistance and start-up loans are available from the Committee.

Please read the BSRG Code of Conduct for meetings and activities.

Thematic meetings
Thematic meetings focus on current "hot" topics and multidisciplinary studies in sedimentology. The committee is keen to see the widest possible scope of sedimentology represented in the meetings, and is enthusiastic to promote joint meetings with other Specialist Groups of the Geological Society (e.g. British Geomorphological Research Group, Petroleum Group, Geochemistry Group, Marine Studies Group, Tectonic Studies Group, Environment Group) - in fact, sedimentology is uniquely able to integrate with most of the other disciplines in the Earth and environmental sciences. We are also open to suggestions of joint meetings with external organisations such as the IAS, SEPM, the Palaeontological Society, and others.

Short courses and field workshops
BSRG is keen to encourage short training courses and field workshops for postgraduates. The Committee would like to hear from anyone willing to offer a course, and to receive suggestions for subjects to be covered. Previous short courses and field workshops include:

Meetings start-up loans
The committee will provide advice, assistance and publicity. We can also book the lecture theatre at Burlington House free of charge. Start-up loans are available, if other sources of funding are limited. Such loans are usually in the order of a couple of hundred pounds, up to a maximum of £500, and are intended to secure bookings of facilities and accommodation, or to pre-pay travel for a keynote speaker. We request that (barring unforeseen circumstances) the loan is repaid from the surplus generated by the meeting. This enables BSRG to maintain a level of cash flow to support a meetings programme without having to charge a membership fee. Funding is also available via the Geological Society; details can be obtained from the BSRG Secretary.

You do not need to be an "established" academic or industrial sedimentologist to convene a BSRG meeting; some of the most successful meetings have previously been organised and run by postgraduates. Not only does this improve their research profile, it also gives valuable organisational experience that can enhance employability.

BSRG support for other events
BSRG also supports other events with a sedimentology-related theme, including those listed below. If you are interested in finding out about potential support from BSRG for such an event, please contact the BSRG President or BSRG Secretary.