BSRG JISC Mailing List

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The BSRG mailing list can be used to publicise meetings, workshops and fieldtrips or to simply start a discussion on sedimentological topics. The list was first started in November 2001 and it has currently around 1100 subscribers (reached in Dec 2017; up from 950 in Dec 2015 and 850 in Dec 2014), after passing the 500 members mark in early 2010 and the 700 members mark in late 2012.

You can elect to receive all messages sent to the list (usually in the range of 5-10 per month) or to just receive a weekly digest message. All messages posted on the list are also archived here so that they can be referred back to at a later date. Note that your email address will not be disclosed to the list members unless you post to the list.

Please contact the BSRG Webmaster with any comments or suggestions on how the list can be improved.