Fossil Grove Family Day, Victoria Park, Glasgow, 16th April 2011

The recently refurbished Fossil Grove re-opened to public in April 2011. To mark the event, an additional exhibition and family day was organised by the Glasgow and Edinburgh Geological Societies in a marquee situated at Fossil Grove entrance.

The event included displays on Glasgow geology, sedimentary rock and fossil types typical to the Glasgow area, and information on the formation of sedimentary rocks and fossils. Volunteers were available at each stand to explain the geology further and to ask specific questions. Sedimentary rock and fossil hand specimen were also available for close-up, tactile examination, which included a lump of fossilised dinosaur poo! Fossil and sedimentary rock samples were kindly provided on loan from the Hunterian Museum and Glasgow University.

To supplement the displays, a number of hands-on fun activities were available that included the following:

The materials used on the day have been retained for future use at similar events.

The event was a success with about 250 people attending the event throughout the day.

Thanks to all supporters who kindly donated funds, materials or services, which made the event possible. Event supporters included the British Sedimentological Research Group, Palaeontological Association, Glasgow Natural History Society, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow University and the Hunterian Museum.

Katerina Braun
(on behalf of the Glasgow and Edinburgh Geological Societies)

Fossil Lucky Dip

Jelly terrane models for coring to locate coal seams below villages

Glasgow geology display

Sedimentary rock formation, mining and sedimentary rock types display