BSRG PG Fieldtrip: Keswick, Cumbria (2003)

The second ever BSRG Postgrad Weekend has arrived, and it's going to be even better than last year. If you're a postgrad interested in having a laugh and finding any excuse to go on fieldwork, then you're going to want to come along.

After a superb time last year, we are hoping to get even more of you this year. There'll be pubs, mountains, talks, fieldtrips and the chance to escape for the weekend with loads of like-minded postgrads who want to have a good time. Oh, and did I say it's very, very cheap.

Most of all, you'll have a chance to meet many UK postgrad students, learn about what they research and compare notes before the BSRG AGM at the end of the year. Last year's AGM was great fun because we all knew each other!