BSRG Annual General Meeting - Aberdeen 2006

Field trips
1) Hopeman to look at superb exposures of Permo-Triassic aeolian deposits that have been affected by substantial soft-sediment deformation and will be led jointly by Ken Glennie and Andy Hurst
2) Macduff to look at a Dalradian (Cambrian) passive margin deep marine channel-levee complex and interbedded glacial deposits and will be led by Elaine Campbell and David Macdonald

Gas Hydrates. This will commence with an EAGE student lecture on Gas hydrates by Marc de Batist, University of Gent, followed by workshop where participants will present their own examples/case studies. The lecture is open to all students and academic staff (register using link provided on BSRG website - address below). Workshop is open to all, but please email Mads Huuse ( with title and approximate duration of contribution related to gas hydrates.

Dr. Adrian Hartley.