BSRG Award recognising Postgraduate Research in progress

This prize is awarded to the best poster presented by a postgraduate student at each AGM. Posters are an effective visual way of communicating research results, and provide a forum for discussion between the reader and researcher.

Recent winners

London 2019 (Poster Awards - sponsored by the International Association of Sedimentology)

Edinburgh 2018 (Poster Presentations)

Newcastle 2017 (Poster Presentations)

Keele 2015 (Poster Presentations)

Nottingham 2014 (Poster Presentations)

Hull 2013 (Poster Presentations)

Dublin 2012 (Poster Presentations)

London 2011 (Poster Presentations)

Southampton 2010 (Poster Presentations) - Sponsored by PESGB

Bangor 2009 (Poster Presentations) - Sponsored by PESGB

Liverpool 2008 (Poster Presentations) - Sponsored by Shell

Birmingham 2007 (Oral Presentation) - Sponsored by the PESGB

Birmingham 2007 (Poster Presentation) - Sponsored by Shell

Aberdeen 2006 (Poster Presentations) - Sponsored by Shell

Durham 2005 (Poster Presentations) - Sponsored by Shell